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Practice Dr med Wirtner,General Practitioner in Richterswil
New Patient Registration
you are welcome to register with us and our reception staff will be happy to guide you through the procedure.
All new patients must complete patient health questionnaire giving details of your important past medical history, medication you are on, allergies etc.
Please provide proof an existing health insurance card and proof of photo ID (Passport) which should include your Name, Date of Birth

Request an Appointment
Making Appointment                                                                                                                       
Where Possible Please be prepared to give brief details of the problem so that you can be given appropriate priority.
All staff are bound by a duty of confidentiality towards all our patients.

Please note that we are dealing with emergency every day and unpredictable treatment measures can cause that appointments cannot always be exactly met. We ask for your understanding.

Weight loss Programs
Different options for different needs.
Contact us for more information using our online form

Montag bis Mittwoch 7:30-12:00 Uhr 13:15 -18:00 Uhr
Donnerstag 7:30-14:00 Uhr nachmittags geschlossen
Freitag 7:30-12:00 Uhr 13:15 -17:00 Uhr
Tel. 044 784 0057
Seestrasse 11, 8805 Richterswil
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